Responsive Design - operating on all devices

developing sites quicker, higher surity across platforms

Site-build can be measured in days rather than weeks.

With the advent of new technology, we are seeing that up to 60% of all browsing is done on non-laptop devices.

We're all on the move and, even if we are not, studies show that we're using finger-swipe devices even if there is laptop close by. It's easier to do and is personalised with many interactive features such as making a phone call straight from a browsed site.

Unified Web Design

The underlying technology of Responsive Design means that we can develop a unified site and ensure that the conversion to run on a phone or tablet is inherent and automatic. That means that, as designers, we don't have to spend onerous amounts of testing to perfect the solution.

Real Business Benefits

This speeded up development means that we can focus more on the business aspects of the site's presentation such as conveying the marketing message clearly, the company strengths and telling a story about why you should consider the clients products or services.

Financially, both the initial development and longer term maintenance is held to a healthy cost minim.

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