The Right Message for Professional Services

The Right Message for Professional Services

Case Study in Analysing Business Strengths

It’s always an interesting challenge to find the best way of presenting the strengths of a consultancy or agency with niche industry skills where experience and know-how is the root of the client's strength. Testimonials and client sucesses can be used but capturing the essence of a business needs a little more thought and clarity.

As a design agency ourselves, we are constantly aware of this and the process to arrive at the right message has to be undertaken with great care. We can show here some examples to give an idea of the difference that can be made by not just creating some fresh design but by looking closely at the entire business, distilling its core strengths and accentuating the added value.

Financial Services - Project Thoughts

The client was operating with two traditional sites and we successfully created replacements with new branding and design using the latest styling, embodying Responsive Design.

The client is the Innate Wisdom group which operates a Financial Services model in helping small and medium sized businesses confronted by;- financial problems, insolvency, redeemed loan guarantees and general banking issues.

Although a significant amount of the results derived is empirical such as loan settlement reductions and financial savings so much more is subjective and less easy to measure.

In this situation, we look to divine the major benefits brought to a client by seeking to understand the prescribed process that the client has developed.

In this Innate Wisdom example, some of the benefits are a little surprising. The mere act of seeking professional help is a major boon for their clients finding themselves in financial trouble. In addition, the removal of stress and the resulting ability to get back to stronger operations is a major advantage. In these stressful situations, studies show that a business owner’s IQ can be found to be lower than the norm because they are constantly pre-occupied and consequently impeded from planning and communicating freely. Typically, their IQ resumes its orginal level after the immergency has been averted. As a result, feedback from the client regarding the positive impact on them performing better can be offered to promote Innate's business in an on line message even if this is very subtle. Innate Wisdom's ability to act as the mediator with banks and law firms allows this freedom from anxiety and is highly valued by the client during the process as well as in ongoing support.

You can find out more at the following sites:-


Energy and Engineering Consultancy - Project Thoughts

We produced two industry related sites in the field of Energy and Resources; oil and gas, water and natural power.

Lagoni Engineering and Protech Engineering have an abundance of skills in energy solution design, feasibility studies and proofing large energy projects. Savings opportunities can be realised by taking a modern stance to design and safety both of which are paramount in either case. The question is how can we illustrate this clearly to their audience and generate clear communication of the advantages of the skill set available.

Once again project case studies help a great deal but simply describing what was undertaken is often not enough. In both cases we looked at the client engagement process and broke this down to highlight the strengths within their team and proven approach. A Content Management System allows a means of adding project information where an industry experrt can understand the project more easily and this will help reveal the extent of the project scope, its objectives and challenges.



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