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Project Details

The Innate Wisdom site was conceived and developed in just 4 weeks, a very short timeline indeed.

It's true that the IW team is experienced in operating online but we were able to quickly take their business strengths and produce for them a far stronger platform to support their Social and eMarketing campaigns for which we are providing our expertise. We have built their solution on two important technical cornerstones;- Responsive Design and White Dragon CMS.

Unified Web Design

The underlying technology of Responsive Design means that the site operates across all devices and the conversion for the site to run on a phone or tablet is inherent and automatic. That means that we don't have to spend onerous amounts of testing to perfect the solution.

Flexible CMS

The CMS is surprisingly flexible. This site was custom built and deploys special coding to create a modern look and feel. The White Dragon approach allows us to embrace those special features without compromise on client control.


Ultra rapid development means that the client can avoid lengthy project times and enjoy the advantages of a modern site running across all devices. The CMS gives complete control to the client allowing them to keep their site fresh with: business changes, case studies and industry news which in turn helps with their SEO footprint. Both initial developments cost and longer term maintenance are held to a healthy minimum.

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